COVID-19 Updates from Smile Clinic Slovakia

For over 15 years, Smile Clinic Slovakia has been restoring hope through transformative dental implants. At the heart of that mission is the long-term health and well-being of our patients. That’s why we are committed to being responsive to your concerns regarding coronavirus (COVID-19).

Maintaining a Healthy Environment

Providing a clean, safe environment for patients is always the priority. Rest assured, Smile Clinic Slovakia is doing everything possible to ensure your health and prevent the spread of illness.

Providing Essential Dentistry

For many adults suffering from urgent or emergency issues like infection or significant pain caused by a severe oral condition, the decision to seek treatment during these times is essential.

The current working status of our 2 locations

Smile Clinic in both Bratislava & Piešťany continues to closely follow all government health orders and guidelines.

Page last reviewed: 25 February, 2021

2 replies on “COVID-19 Updates from Smile Clinic Slovakia”

  • Hi, My name is Sean Fitzsimons and I visited your clinic in Nov to start treatment. My 2nd visit is planned for 18th January. It’s unlikely I can make that date due to restrictions here in here in the UK but will try and get to you. Can you tell me what options I have to re-schedule should I fail to make it over?

    Thank you.


    • Dear Sean, thank you for getting in touch. If in case you can’t get over, feel free to reschedule and send us new dates – we’ll be waiting for you.

      Daniel Shaw Administrator

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