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Smile Clinic Slovakia – Dental Holiday Support Team is here to help you!

When it comes to your dental treatment you want to make sure you have an expert support team behind you.

Daniel Shaw - Business Development
Daniel C. Shaw – Business Development

Daniel – business development
During his 8 years with Smile Clinic Slovakia and Dental Holiday, Daniel Shaw has helped the Smile Clinics in Bratislava and Piešťany to become the most highly rated and trusted dental clinics for overseas visitors within the European Union.  Daniel’s comprehensive dental knowledge, understanding of UK dentistry and leadership has been instrumental in establishing the Smile Clinic brand.

Daniel originally comes from the North of England, and his office now is based at the dental clinic in Bratislava.

Daniel has spoken at various conferences and loves to share his knowledge of medical tourism, patient communication or internet marketing for dentists. Please use our contact form if you’d like to book Daniel Shaw as a key speaker at your next event.

Nataliá Drgová - Patient Manager
Nataliá Drgová – Clinic Manager

Natalia – clinic manager 

Natalia communicates to the patient their individual treatment plan and ensures each patient has his or her own coordinated plan of care and services. The care plan is reviewed with the patient before and after every treatment for optimal dental treatment needs and wants. Natalia is a former dental hygienist having studied in Bratislava and England.

Nika Csicsóová - Patient Manager
Nika Csicsóová – Patient Manager

Nika – patient coordinator

Nika works as the patient coordinatior at our clinic in Bratislava. Her job is to follow the patient´s journey from the first contact till the last treatment. After the consultation with the dentist, she makes the treatment plan and discusses it with the patient.

She studied Communication and Massmedia in Vienna and the continued her studies in Health Care Management Masters.

Earlier Nika worked as a front office manager at a hotel in Vienna, she speaks fluent English, German, Slovak and Hungarian.

Alzbeta Maliková - administrator
Alzbeta Maliková – administrator

Alžbeta (Betka) – Administrator

Betka will be happy to help you with your appointment for your dental treatment or solve any issue by phone or email. She has worked for Smile Clinic Slovakia since 2013 and previously, she worked in the UK for several years.

Monika Žáková – Receptionist
Monika Žáková – Receptionist

Monika – Receptionist

Will make sure that you relax and feel completely comfortable upon your arrival at our dental clinic. She also takes care of all the financial transactions and logistics of our patients abroad. She also makes a great cup of tea…

Marianna - Receptionist
Marianna – Receptionist

Marianna – Receptionist

Marianna is the receptionist at our clinic in Bratislava. She is the one who greets you at your arrival and make sure you feel comfortable with us. She also deals with the payments and arranges appointments for the patients.

Dano Slik - Driver
Dano Slik – Driver

Dano – Airport Transfer & Support

He assures safe transportation of our patients from the airports, train or bus stations to our dental clinics. Dano will be one of the first people who you’ll meet and welcome you upon your arrival in Slovakia. He will help in getting you settled in your accommodation, and make sure that you get back to the airport safely and on time.

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  • Hi,

    I’m only in this country until Thursday, therefore I was wonder if could please book an appointment today after 5pm or tomorrow after 5pm. I just need consultation session and it’s my plan to return 10 days in December, many thanks.

    Dee Adan
    • Hi Dee Adan,
      I’ve just sent you an email in reply so that we can arrange an appointment with you today or tomorrow after 5pm.


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