Root Canal Treatment

bolesť zubovThe root canal is a layer of pulp that runs through the root and teeth which contains nerves and blood vessels. The pulp can become diseased or damaged over time, which can lead to infection if not treated soon enough. An infection can be very painful, and then lead to an abscess. Root Canal treatment then becomes necessary, which involves the removal of the infected pulp and then cleaning or sealing of the root canal itself. A crown can then be fitted onto the decayed tooth, to prevent any future infection and improve oral structure. If your root canal treatment you received in another country has failed, you may need a re-treatment.

If left untreated, it’s highly likely that you will eventually lose the tooth and need a dental implant in it’s place.

The treatment of dental root canals is called “Endodontistry” and should in all cases be carried out by a specialist like our dentists under digital microscope to ensure it’s success. All root canal work is fully guaranteed for 5 years in our dental clinic.

How do I know if I need root canal treatment?

You might need a root canal if:

  • The tooth hurts when you bite down on it, touch it or push on it
  • The tooth is sensitive to heat
  • The tooth is sensitive to cold for more than a couple of seconds
  • There is swelling near the tooth
  • The tooth is discolored (whether it hurts or not)
  • The tooth is broken

Do different teeth have different numbers of root canals?

Teeth in the front of the mouth called incisors and canines usually have one root, and one nerve canal within the root. Teeth on the side of the mouth called premolars usually have one or two roots and one or two root canals. The upper back teeth (molars) usually have three roots, and three or four root canals. Lower back teeth (molars) usually have two roots and three or four root canals. Generally speaking, the more nerve canals the tooth has, the more complicated the root canal is to complete.

How much does root canal treatment cost?

Root canal treatment currently costs at Smile Clinic Slovakia €105 per canal, or €240 if the root canal needs retreating after being worked on by another dentist. We don’t perform root canal treatment on wisdom teeth and our treatment coordinator will be able to give you a full account list of costs prior to treatments.

How long does root canal treatment take?

We can carry out root canal treatment in a one day visit.

At the Smile Clinic Slovakia, located across from Eurovea Mall in Tower 115, it is easy to schedule an appointment. Our staff speaks English and we can help you with all your dental treatment needs. We guarantee the 100% success of all our root canal work here at Smile Clinic. Many of our patients are ex-pats living and working in Slovakia who want to be able to see a dentist or hygienist they can talk too and feel understood. Smile Clinic offers two locations in Slovakia; Bratislava and the spa town of Piešťany about 40 minutes northwest of Bratislava.

6 replies on “Root Canal Treatment”

  • Hi,

    I was wondering if I can book an appointment on 4 April (Thursday) any time in the afternoon.

    I need to check one teeth and I am not sure if I just need a new filling or if I actually need to do a root canal treatment to a pre-molar teeth.

    Can you let me know what are the prices for each of these treatments?

    Please note that I don’t live in Bratislava so I was wondering if you have a specific price per session instead of the actual price for the full treatment. In this case I am talking about the root canal because from what I understand this treatment normally takes more than 1 session.

    Thanks let me know if you need anything else.


    • Dear Carla,

      thank you for your comment.
      I have sent you an e-mail with more information about these treatments.

      Please check your mailbox and get back to me with your questions.

      Petra – Smile Clinic

      Petra Administrator
  • Hi, I would like to know whether or not the Root Canal Treatment is performed by a specialized Endodontist or by regular dentists

    • Hi Laurie, currently we do not have an endodontic specialist in the clinic.
      We do however still use a microscope, loupes and OPG / CT scans to support all our Endodontic with a full guarantee of success.
      You’re of course very welcome to have this treatment done in our clinic, however, should you look elsewhere, in my opinion, the items I mentioned here are what you need to ask about – as the human eye alone without support cannot work in canals that are more difficult cases and full guarantee their success. The same is with the x-ray, look for an OPG machine to maximise the result.
      ​I hope that helps!

      Daniel Shaw Administrator
  • Hi, I recently had a filling in a molar tooth. I think I need a root canal, would thay be classified as a €105 cost orva €240 cost?

    Ann Mulcahy
    • Hello Ann,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Tah root canal treatment would be 177 Euros and glass fiber post is 77 Euros.

      Regards Smile Clinic

      Alzbeta Administrator

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