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Smile Clinic Piešťany team

Smile Clinic was founded on the principle that there had to be a better way to do dentistry in Slovakia.

We perform more dental implant procedures every year than any other dental clinic in Slovakia because of our innovative approach to treating patients from all over the world.

Over 10,000+ patients have been successfully treated in our dental facility in Slovakia. This level of experience has given thousands of patients the confidence to take that first step towards a better smile.

Two locations – One Dental Team

Smile Clinic Bratislava Team

Our doctors and specialists in both clinic locations work together as one team to deliver excellent treatment to our patients. We believe that when the doctor speaks directly with the oral surgeon and the lab technician, face-to-face, our team is able to deliver a better patient experience.

Every new member of our team goes through a rigorous screening process to make sure that they will uphold our strict standards of quality. We look for professionals with experience and excellence in treating their patients. We believe that our dedicated team of professionals, with a specific focus on full-mouth makeovers, is a key strength of Smile Clinic Slovakia.

Two locations – One Cost

Smile Clinic Piešťany

Before Smile Clinic, it was difficult to know the full price of having a full mouth makeover with dental implants in Slovakia. Different specialists had different fees that would add up at each stage in the process.

Since our doctors, technicians, and labs are all on-site, we are able to give a single price for the entire procedure from start to finish.

There are no surprise fees and no hidden costs. After your consultation, you will know exactly what it will cost to complete your dental implant treatment.

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Smile Clinic Bratislava Location

Two locations – One Standard

Traditionally, dental implants require several visits to specialists in several locations, and the teeth are created at an off-site lab and shipped to the dental clinic. If any adjustments needed to be made, the teeth would need to be shipped back to the lab.

At Smile Clinic, we have combined all of the necessary elements for successful dental implant treatment in a single location. Your consultation, lab work, creation of your teeth, the procedure and recovery are all done by one clinic.

We recreate old toothless smiles into fully functional, confident smiles that last longer.

We know that our international patients have a choice of which dental clinic to choose and we appreciate their decision to receive dental care from Smile Clinic Slovakia.

At Smile Clinic, we are committed to treating you with the compassion and respect you deserve. We believe in providing comprehensive care that addresses both your short- and long-term dental care needs. And we promise to provide an honest, judgment-free environment where it all comes down to great care. Because at Smile Clinic, we treat you as if you were friends.

In 2015, 95% our Bratislava patients were able to schedule an appointment within 48 HOURS OF THEIR INITIAL INQUIRY

Smile Clinic Slovakia has welcomed over 3000+ non-Slovak international patients since 2006 with dental treatment performed by English-speaking staff including:

Personalised treatment and professional service

Each patient receives a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan designed by the dentist with long-term oral and overall health in mind.

Available services include dental hygiene, treatment of periodontal (gum) disease (Endodontics), tooth extractions, white fillings, oral surgery, dental implants, tooth whitening, and crown and bridge work.

We at Smile Clinic believe that our dentistry should be painless, guaranteed and priced transparently.

Affordable care

Most people are more afraid of the cost of going to the dentist, than any pain they think that the dental treatment is going to cause. It’s time to change that.

Cost shouldn’t prevent patients from getting the dental care they deserve. That’s why Smile Clinic is committed to keeping prices low, as well as offering special promotions, and free new-patient exams.

On-site dental laboratory

Smile Clinic has it’s own dental laboratory, which helps facilitate quick turnaround for temporary bridges and permanent crowns & veneers.

Convenient locations

Both our Smile Clinics are located in the city centers of Bratislava & Piešťany – close to adequate parking, shopping, restaurants and attractions.

To learn more about the facilities & staff of each Smile Clinic, preview the Smile Clinic patient experience, get answers to general treatment questions, find a location, and schedule appointments, please click through to your nearest location:

GCR Smile Clinic BadgeAward-Winning, Internationally Accredited Dental Clinics

Independently assessed by various external consultants and overseas associations and organisations, you can be sure that you are deciding on the best quality of dental treatment, qualifications of dentists and the highest standards of dental clinics within Europe.

Read more about our dental clinic awards and accreditation here:

Clinic Awards & Accreditation

Expert Dental Teams

At Smile Clinic Slovakia we are very fortunate to have the best dentists and dental specialists available in Slovakia today. Here you can learn more here about our extensive dental experience, specialized training and qualifications…

Smile Clinic Expertise

International Standard Dental Facilities

Both our top dental clinic facilities located in Bratislava and Piešťany are equipped with dental technology that’s rated above the International Standards as set out by the GCR.

As standard, this includes:

  • 3D Cone Beam & OPG x-ray devices for digital diagnostic planning,
  • digital microscopes for successful Endodontic treatment,
  • Disabled Access
  • Adequate Car Parking
  • Free Wifi

and much much more. Read our full page on:

Smile Clinic Facilities

The Patients’ Choice – The Most Reviewed Dental Clinic in Europe

Smile Clinic is the most independently reviewed dental clinic in central Europe since 2006, with now over 592 online reviews, not including the 250+ on our website – beating every other Hungarian, Czech or Polish dental clinics in the region.

You don’t just have to take our word for it. Learn more about Smile Clinic Slovakia directly from our patients by:

Reading Our Patient Reviews

customer service awards

We don’t have call centers, sales people or outsource our dental services or lab work, unlike many Hungarian dental clinics. You will receive an answer to your contact information form within 24 hours and we answer our phone directly with English-speaking staff to help you with your questions.

We’re here to help you. Your Smile Clinic dental support team.

SC & DH admin team
Betka, Daniel, Monika, Natalia, Michaela

Want to work for an award-winning dental clinic? To learn more about job opportunities at Smile Clinic, visit Dentist Jobs.

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23 replies on “About Smile Clinic Slovakia”

  • hello, I had a call booked for 11, I missed the call by a minute and tried to call back on the number but nay phone blocked the call. may I re schedule? I would like to ask a few questions about coming for dental treatment

    • Dear Louise,
      thank you for your comment. My colleague Alex already spoke with you and he sent you a link where you can find a form with some questions we need you to answer to give you more accurate treatment plan.
      Please check your mailbox and feel free to get back to us in case you have any questions.

      Petra – Smile Clinic

      Petra Administrator
  • Are you open on Saturdays? My bridge recently broke off leaving the margins too small to use anymore. I was told I’d need 4 implants to hold on a new bridge. I’m worried about missing too much work.

    Holly Plunkett
    • Hi Holly,
      That is a shame to hear. If it is 4 dental implants to support a new bridge that you need, do you know how many teeth you would like to have on that bridge? As for missing work – you’d need usually just 3 morning or afternoon sessions with us over 3 months. Unfortunately, as this is major dental surgery and we need our full team on board to support you, you’d need to be treated on a weekday. Would a Monday or a Friday session help?

      Daniel Shaw Administrator
  • Hello

    How much does it cost to straighten top 6 teeth. I have a gay between 2 front teeth and one to the side that is forward and longer. Thank you. Also teeth whitening cost please

    Jayne Marshall
    • Thank you for your comment Jayne.
      Please check your inbox. I have prepared personalized quote for you for teeth whitening and dental crowns.

      Best regards,

      Natalia Administrator
  • Do you have emergency services? I’m having problems with an implant placed by your office and can’t reach anyone over the holidays. Thank you.

    • Dear Wiley,

      thank you for contacting us.
      Please check your inbox for our reply.

      Petra – Smile Clinic

      Petra Administrator
  • Are you able to make an NTI (night guard)? Mine is very old and needs to be replaced. If yes, what would be the cost?


    suzanne strekal
    • Dear Suzanne!
      Thank you for your comment. We have send you an e-mail.

      Best regards
      Smile Clinic

      admin Administrator
  • Hi sorry forgot to mention I wear a metal frame with 4 teeth attached and have had this for 40 years
    Just thought you should know
    Thank you

    Mrs Sue Braithwaite
    • Dear Sue,

      Thank you for your comments and the information. I´ve replied to your email, I hope that´s what are you looking for. Could you also send me some photos of your teeth/smile or a dental Xray in the email?

  • Hi please could I have a price for 5 implants one tooth is a double.
    Also what is entailed.
    Thank you
    From Sue

    Mrs Sue Braithwaite
  • Hi please could you a price on 5 implants one tooth is a double, and what it entails. Thanks you

    From Sue

    Mrs Sue Braithwaite
  • Hi I am looking for 3 front teeth implant bridge. How much will it cost?

    Gillian Eagle-cooper
    • Dear Gillian,

      Thank you for your comment. I replied to your email with the costs for the bridge.
      I hope that helps


  • based in uk looking at costs aged 67

  • Hi iam looking to have teeth whitened with stain removal iam based in the uk age 67 could you advise
    on cost and prcedures and how to get too you if cost ok

    Anthony thomas
  • Hi, how much would it cost for full top jaw of implants be? I’m from England I would be travelling.

    Byron power
  • Hi Margaret,
    Dealing with periodontal disease should certainly involve visiting a dental hygienist on a regular basis, and the prescription of antibiotics if severe, and the possible extraction of the tooth in question so that the area can heal.
    In the majority of cases where a tooth is lost to gum disease, we would suggest a dental implant to replace the tooth.

    Does that help?

    danielshaw Administrator
  • I am concerned that my Dentist said I have chronic periodontal disease and am about to lose one of my top teeth .
    Any advice you can give regarding my dental care would be appreciated. what treatment would you be able to provide at your clinic.
    Kind Regards


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