Going to the dentist can be fun and amazing!

Having amazing and fun time at the dentist is something you rarely hear. With Smile Clinic it´s possible!

´Everybody & everything was amazing. As much fun as going to the dentist can be.´

We at Smile Clinic, are doing everything we can to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Bret flew from London to Vienna, where our driver picked him up and took him to our clinic to Piešťany. As he is a very busy CEO, we planned his visits to adjust to his work schedule. His priority was to get functioning and aesthetically nice teeth. Bret was afraid of the treatment so he asked for general anesthetics. We helped him to organize a visit to the local GP, so that he can issue a pre-operational certificate, so that we can check that Bret was healthy enough to undergo the procedure.

He got 3 dental implants in his lower jaw and had all his visible teeth crowned. He chose E-max crowns over zirconium ones. Both are full ceramic crowns, but the E-max crowns are a little bit more persistent, giving a more natural look.





bret korunky
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