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As more and more expats, local international visitors, and patients from abroad visit our dental clinics, we at Smile Clinic are very aware of the increasing attention paid to issues such as the quality of treatment we can provide, as well as the international accreditation of our implantologist, endodontist, restorative dentists, dental hygienists and clinical team.

We therefore regularly update and increase the level of certifications, accreditation of our clinics, and also and operate a “Code of Practice for Medical Tourism”.

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GCR Smile Clinic BadgeGCR International Accredited Clinic

The medical clinic accreditation from GCR declares that a particular clinic has a level of expertise, facilities, services and patient feedback available that is of of above the international average of medical clinics assessed.

We have a GCR Score of 4.3 which means shows that we exhibit intense ambition, a passion for excellence, superb skills, and remarkable consistency in personalized dental care for patients.

Medical Tourism Friendly Award

Smile Clinic

Smile Clinic has been working with foreign patients since we began back in 2006, and provide extra services to cater for these patients such as airport transfers, organizing local accommodation. 24hr support, and dedicated treatment coordinators who are fluent in numerous languages and trained in the dental profession. This ensures a worry-free experience for those patients choosing to come to Smile Clinic Slovakia from a distance.

Dental Phobia Certified

Dental Phobia Certified

Our dental clinic has been certified to provide dedicated treatment for dental phobics.

As you can see from the hundreds of hand-written patient testimonials on our site, you will see that many of them are from patients who were previously dental phobics prior to undergoing dental treatment.

It is our ongoing goal to ensure that our patients have pain-free dentistry techniques and services used wherever possible.

TA-COP-Logo-100Treatment Abroad “Code of Practice”

The objectives of the code are to:

  • Encourage the development of best practices among the leading dental clinics,
  • Provide reassurance to patients about the services provided by our dental clinics,
  • Enable us to combat some of the negative comments that may be directed at the level of healthcare provided in Slovakia.

All accreditation processes for Smile Clinic Slovakia are done by external consultants in discussion with our overseas dental patients, and we have been certified since 2008 with a reassessment done in 2016.

Other dental clinic awards & certifications


As a clinic we have been a finalist in the IMTJ awards 2015 (International Medical Tourism Journal) as the best international dental clinic, award for patient support & estheticon platinum for patient support.

It is part of our culture here at Smile Clinic in Slovakia to strive continually for excellence- as a dental clinic, as individuals and for our patients.
Once you have your dental treatment with us, you’ll know this yourself.

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2 replies on “Awards & Certifications”

  • Hello,
    My name is Merrily and I have been recommended to you by a friend. I am enquiring the cost of treatment for airport collection and delivery at the end of treatment and accommodation. I think I would need:

    3 implants
    14 zirconium porcelain crowns on the upper jaw
    10 zirconium porcelain crowns on the lower jaw

    I have 7 teeth top right with a gap between 1and 3 = 6 teeth intact
    I have 7 teeth top left with a gap between 1 and 3 number 5 is missing = 5 teeth intact
    I have 4 teeth lower right. Number two is falling out and 5,6,7 is missing = 4 intact
    I have 5 teeth lower left 5 and 6 is missing = 5 intact

    Im not sure if I need to replace the gaps on the top jaw between 1 and 3 left and right. My two front teeth protrude and I was hoping maybe a bridge would solve the gap problem while replacing the two protruding teeth or another solution.

    Merrily Addison

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