What is a free dental consultation?

Dental Consultation


Many of our patients ask; “what is a free dental consultation and what is included?”

At Smile Clinic Bratislava your dental health is our first concern and we know you may want to consult with the dentist before treatment to discuss all needed treatment, costs, time it will take, etc.


What is a free dental consultation?

First, x-rays are taken at our state-of-the-art facility in Bratislava, so we have all the information we need for a proper consultation. The x-rays are free as well as the consultation.

We will review your x-rays with you and discuss the current condition of your teeth and dental health including your gums, along with the strength of your teeth for bridgework, implantation, crowns, etc… Depending on the health of your natural teeth we can then determine the best course of action and options for your dental treatment plan. The state of your current teeth and gums will provide us with options.

Perhaps you will just need a cleaning/polishing from our dental hygienist or maybe you need fillings, root canal or other dental treatment that is more extensive.  Our dentist or hygienist will go through your treatment plan with you and what the next steps for treatment will be and how long it will take, plus any costs associated with the treatment so you can decide what type of treatment you will want.

 Our FREE consultation process provides you:

  • The current state of your dental health
  • Meeting with our expert dentist and staff
  • Detailed x-rays
  • You will know your dental treatment options explained to you by our expert dentist or hygienist
  • Understand all the costs involved in the different options
  • Know how long and how many visits the procedure will take
  • Be provide with a written guarantee and what it includes

Now it is up to you! Once you have decided what treatment you will receive, you will sign our Patient Consent Form and you’ll be on your way to a health, happy smile.

Please feel free to read about past experiences from patient reviews. When you are ready, fill our contact form and begin your new life with the smile you’ve always wanted.


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