Enjoy your smile fully


It always feels good to see familiar smiling faces to return. Heather had dental treatment completed by us at Smile Clinic Slovakia back in 2010, when we did the majority of the work –  implant placement in her lower jaw and an implant bridge in her upper jaw. She was so pleased with the worked done earlier, that decided to come back for some more treatment. Earlier we focused on the functionality of her teeth, but now it was all about the aesthetics. Simply said – she wanted to smile much more and enjoy smiling. Who wouldn’t like that ?

We have completed additional full ceramic dental crowns on her upper and lower front teeth to achieve nice cosmetic improvement.


All of them are separated, so it’s easier to clean. The final result is : beautiful symmetrical new teeth at the shape and color as you wish.

Heather is now happy with her completed smile and she can’t stop smiling 🙂


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