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Irene from Rennes in North West France first contacted us last year after she lost 3 teeth in just a few months. As a tooth grinder and smoker, you can imagine the result on the existing teeth before she went abroad for a dental holiday to Smile Clinic in Slovakia.

After exchanging a number of emails with our admin team Irene wrote the following feedback:

“Prompt responses every time and very understanding of my email questions, first class. Excellent and informative”

Although we try our best to put all our potential patients at easy before they even get on the plane to us, some still are nervous to visit a new place, a new dentist etc. So it was lovely to see how Irene was very excited about her dentist visit, and jumped into her “dental holiday” confidently with 2 feet forward.

She arranged kennels for her dog and flew over to us direct via Paris to Vienna airport. She used one of our self-catering apartments for accommodation on her 1st stay.

A month later Irene came to visit us for her 1st treatment session along with her husband which involved the extractions of the few remaining upper

teeth, placing 6 dental implants and fitting a temporary bridge to have during the healing time.

A few months later Irene completed her dental treatment by having 14 dental crowns placed across the 6 dental implants as a bridge and as you can see here from the photographs, the result is fantastic!

See the hand-written review here to feel what Irene said about her time in our dental clinic in Slovakia:

“Without a doubt, I will be telling the world about this clinic and staff. First class care and treatment all the way and excellent work by Dr Marek and his team.

I am thrilled with the new smile I have all the time now and no longer hiding my mouth behind my hand.

Definitely “a very happy bunny!”

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