Full reconstruction with the ´smiling team´

´´Excellent team. Everyone was kind, helpful. I would call you ´smiling team´. Thank you for everything!!!´´

Božena came to Smile Clinic for help after years of misery. Almost all her back teeth were missing, and she had crowns on her front teeth. In her upper jaw she had a denture, that made her life very difficult. Her biggest problem was that she couldn´t eat properly, and she wasn´t confident enough to smile.

Božena with her new teeth

After she came to Smile Clinic Dr. Marek adviced her a full mouth reconstruction in both jaws. In her case it meant 7 implants in the upper jaw and 5 in the lower one.

Fixed dental bridge anchored to dental implants is a reliable and long-term solution, allowing you to fully function in your everyday life.

Božena is now enjoying her meals and smiling confidently.

Božena´s hand written testimonial



Before the final work was done
7 implants in the upper jaw and 5 in the lower one

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