Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)

Do you know what that soft and sticky film on your teeth is? Those are millions of bacteria which live off of sugars and make their home in your mouth. This layer of bacteria is called dental plaque, or biofilm. Biofilm is constantly growing and cannot be seen with the naked eye until it is detected via coloring. If the biofilm is not removed regularly, harmful types of bacteria may begin to predominate in your mouth and the biofilm becomes plaque or calculus. Biofilm can affect your oral health and cause cavities or gum disease (infection of the gums or periodontitis). Evidence of correlation between biofilm and systemic diseases (such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory problems or even Alzheimer’s disease) also exists.

cleaning teeth with the help of GBT

How to maintain proper oral hygiene

These are the reasons why good care of the oral cavity is necessary. This includes brushing teeth twice a day. However, that’s not enough: biofilm is created even in the gaps between teeth, as well as underneath the gums. This requires visits to the dental office two to four times a year, to ensure that the biofilm is removed professionally. Take a look at the pictures above. A dentist or dental hygienist is able to diagnose cavities much easier with the help of treatment via GBT.

Guided Biofilm Therapy is a new and modern approach to removing biofilm which many professionals use today. It is comfortable and painless. Children especially love GBT, they find it “cool” and the treatment doesn’t hurt them. This unique clinical protocol makes biofilm visible and utilizes the most modern Swiss technologies AIRFLOW and PIEZON from the company EMS to remove it in the most gentle way possible.

GBT is the product of several years of research conducted by leading experts in the field of dentistry. It’s painless, quick, and completely safe. GBT helps you take care of your teeth and supports your overall health.

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