The perfect smile in just 2 weeks


For 50 years I have been waiting for smile I now have. Clinic staff lovely, Dr.Marek a genius of his trade. Clinic spotlessly clean – and absolute bonus for service and arranging my accommodation. Fantastic!

Alison was ashamed of her smile for a long time. Her teeth were healthy, but they weren´t nice and she didn´t like her smile. This made a huge impact on her everyday life, she had to cover her mouth every time she laughed or smiled. She was looking for the solution, to get the smile she has always wanted.

During the initial consultation Dr. Marek recommended 12 full ceramic zirconium crowns in the upper jaw and 8 in the lower jaw. That was her whole arch was covered and had a wide, new smile. After the preparation the lab needed 2 weeks to make her final crowns, in the meantime Alison had temporary crowns.

After the final crowns were fitted Alison was walking on air. She finally could smile without being ashamed of her teeth!


alison alison img_5879

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